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Adding Value with Integrity

Founded on the Principles of Ethics, Transparency, Confidentiality and Always Putting client’s Interest First

About Valintegrity

Boutique Multi Family Office

We are a boutique Multi-Family office Wealth Management firm focused on Lifestyle Investing, going beyond the traditional wealth management practices aimed at your overall financial well-being. 

We help you identify and achieve the Lifestyle goals you aspire for, with sound financial planning and Products – focusing on all the important features of your life – your family, your dreams, your ambitions. 

The differentiator at Valintegrity is the focus on Lifestyle Investment management, beyond traditional Wealth Management, aimed at overall well-being. We make wealth creation & preservation of legacies simplified by capitalizing on our expertise and experience spanning over two decades to analyze options across the industry to identify best match fitting client’s lifestyle goals & aspirations.


Founded on the principles of Ethics, Transparency & Always keeping the client’s interest foremost as a trusted partner, well-wisher, and solution provider. We add value with integrity.

Neeta Rajendran

Founder and CEO

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Our Services

Our recommendations are based on stringent research solely on how it best serves your near and long-term goals

Lifestyle Investment

Investment Management Solutions
Protection Solutions

Social Investment

Real Estate Solutions

Emerging Sector Options
Financial Form Options
International Opportunities

Lending Solutions

Start-up Funding

Corporate Funding

Individual Funding

Legacy Planning

Wills & Trusts
Succession & Inheritance  Planning
Business Enhancement

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